About Seed Yoga School: Our school is a life transforming journey. We are a community of open-minded individuals willing to share our experiences as information in due humility.

Meaning of S.E.E.D: The very word “Seed” in Sanskrit means (vija). The seed is a journey of a little plant beginning and eventually manifesting as a huge tree. We idealise this analogy of seed and plant to express human life, it’s growth and differences in all patterns that it goes through and unfolds.

The idea of S.E.E.D: The Seed Yoga School is inspired by the possibility of a microscopic seed of the banyan tree, which carries the huge possibility. When we see a banyan tree we never trust the tiny seed that can hide many branches, millions of leaves, many flowers and the fruits. The purpose of one seed is to be a tree. When a seed start its journey to become a tree it goes through many changes.